Prices – Scuba Xàbia (Jávea)

Here at Scuba Xàbia we want you to benefit from the very best in special offers. On Dive Courses, on Accommodation, on Dive Packages and much more, with prices to suit all budgets; please feel free to contact us for further information and offers.


Passenger Boat22 €
Snorkel30 €
Single dive + Bottle + Weights32 €
Single dive + Full Equipment42 €
Double dive + Bottle + Weights55 €
Double dive + Full Equipment75 €

Special Dives

Night Dive + Bottle + Weights37 €
Night Dive + Full Equipment (incl. torch)47 €
Isla del Descubridor + Bottle + Weights70 €
Isla del Descubridor + Full Equipment80 €
Reserva Cabo de San Antonio + Bottle + Weights70 €
Reserva Cabo de San Antonio + Full Equipment80 €

Revolution Dive Packs

You can also take advantage of our dive bonuses, with a super special price and valid at any of our dive centers. You can also share it with whoever you want and use it throughout the season. Ask us!

Scuba Xàbia Offers

Pool Try Dive50 €
Beach Try Dive50 €
Boat Try Dive60 €*


Snorkelling from the Boat incl. Full Equipment30 €