Pared Negra – Scuba Xàbia (Jávea)

Cap Negre

This dive is suitable for all levels and offers the possibility of seeing large numbers of fauna, such as octopus, moray eels, lobsters, king prawns, small prawns and even, sporadically, some grouper.

Due to its location, under the cape, the diving area is protected from the south winds. We propose a boat approach to the cove, with a depth of 7 meters, to dive here and follow the wall of the eastern course. In this section we advance guided by the rocks themselves as we watch as the bottom changes towards the posidonia meadows. The route, in addition to the opportunity to see the rich animal life of this area, has the attraction of offering a striking cave (actually a kind of tunnel excavated in the wall itself), of no technical difficulty and that offers spectacular backlighting. Also, the base of the cape has a great amount of small hollows that can be explored in search of its inhabitants.

The data

Attractive route both day and night.
It never disappoints because of the beauty of the geological formations and the quantity and variety of fauna.