Los Arcos – Scuba Xàbia (Jávea)

Los Arcos

We will set off on the southwest face of Portitxol Island where the depth is 8 meters. It is a dive in which, with good visibility, you can enjoy intensely the arches, backwaters and gorges of rock that we will find. You begin by moving parallel to the wall of the island, which will be on your left, and then you will find a large sunken islet that stands out among the set of rocks at the bottom. If we follow that line, to our left, there will appear two stone arches that we can cross to now leave the island to the right. In the background the rocky substratum alternates with that of sand and there are frequent scorpions, sargos and salps. The islet wall is also dotted with small cracks and holes in which crustaceans and croakers can be seen. The route continues skirting new islets and arches until returning to the point where we left the boat.

The data
One of the most intricate and capricious environments.
Let an expert guide guide you through its arches and tunnels.