L’Escull de Sant Pere o Bergantí – Scuba Xàbia (Jávea)


To the south of Cap Negre and in the direction of the Cap de la Nau is the small island of L’Escull, which is nothing more than the promontory of a completely submerged mountain. We can anchor in front of it and go down through the anchor line to look northwest. When we reach it, at 22 meters deep, we’ll see the entrance of a spectacular cave of 25 meters in length that crosses it from side to side and in which the total darkness is done given its “L” shape. For this route it is essential to have a good guide. At the exit of the cave (there are two, one to 27 and another to 23 meters deep) we will be able to cross the base of the mountain, upholstered in yellow anemone and populated by octopuses, moray eels and lobsters. It is also possible that we find good size Barracuda schools. The backlights offered by stone arches and small caves are highly recommended.

The data

One of the classic dives of the coast of Xàbia. There is a huge presence of life in the form of octopus, groupers, lobsters… The spectacle of lights and colors are really worth it.