La Montaña Hundida – Scuba Xàbia (Jávea)

Passing the Cap Negre and L’Escull de Sant Pere, before arriving at Punta Plana, you will find the sunken mountain, difficult to locate if the area is not well known. We will set off in 7 meters of water and begin the dive on the east side of the mountain, leaving it to our left. Here we can find different crannies full of animal life in a descent that will take us up to 20 meters deep. In the background we will be able to see loose rocks and some colorful specimen of blanket resting in the currents. At the base of the mountain opens a corridor of about 14 meters in length where it is easy to find barracudas of considerable size. At the end of that corridor we will reach the maximum depth (30 meters) and we may be surprised by the presence of groupers. At this point we will start the return by the west side to be safe from the currents and we will climb following the wall until returning to the boat.

The data

If you are prone to sea sickness, it may be best to choose another dive because in this area the currents condition the dive.