Isla del Descubridor – Scuba Xàbia (Jávea)

Illa del Descobridor

Just past the Cap de la Nau we’ll find the Discoverer Island, an enclave of simple and interesting dives. We are faced with a circular dive, which surrounds the whole island. We will get close to the narrow channel that separates the island from the coast, next to a small rock on the south side of the island where we will begin our dive finding a small passage that crosses it and that will create the first of the magnificent backlights. We will always continue with the wall of the island to our right and we will ascend until the -4m. Continuing then heading 90º. The bottom is dotted with large rocks, reaching an average depth of -14m. But it is the wall, upholstered in a striking yellow anemone, which surprises us with some tunnels which, like corridors parallel to the wall, are visibly illuminated by windows. We continue and to our left we will surround a great rock line located at -16 m to return to the starting point.

The data
The great unknown. Simple dive that despite being little frequented, supposes a pleasant walk underwater.