Faro Cabo de San Antonio – Scuba Xàbia (Jávea)

Faro Cap de Sant Antoni

It is forbidden to cast the anchor in this zone, so if there are no mooring buoys available it should be done as drifting or Caribbean dive. The dive in this protected area is spectacular, you will be surrounded by loads of life and colors.

To make this route we can take advantage of the existence of a certain current that is usually present at the tip of the St Anthony Cape, which we can take advantage of to reach the first cove. Here the enormous stones in the background catch your attention and how their capricious shapes create passageways and light plays that are a spectacle for underwater photography. Throughout the tour we will see examples of white gorgones and as we move away from the rock wall we can descend between 12 and 19 meters depth where we will find a greater variety of interesting specimens of flora and fauna.

The data

Perfect for a Caribbean dive.
Protected zone: please do not touch anything. There is permanent monitoring to avoid poaching so we can all enjoy its beauty.