Cabo Prim (Cueva de la Virgen) – Scuba Xàbia (Jávea)

Cova de la Virgen

At the southern end of the Bay of Xàbia is the Cap Prim and, in front of it, an islet. We can anchor in a zone of 6 meters of depth. From here we can gain depth until we find, about 50 meters from where we have anchored, 2 entrances in the ground that are the entrance to the Cave of the Virgin. Care must be taken to avoid picking up particles from the bottom, as it would cloud the water and make vision difficult. It is easy to find corvinas and lesser forkbeards. Also you can see groupers, congers, morays, octopus and other species of dark areas like the kestrels. At the bottom of the cave is a painted tile image of the Virgin of the Desamparados. The backlight from inside the cave is perfect for photographers – provided they are the first to enter.

When leaving we will follow the wall and we will gain depth until reaching the 22 meters. It is advisable to pay attention to the numerous holes in the wall as it is abundant the presence of life and you can find some lobster. A few meters away you will find another tunnel with arches and beautiful backlights.

The data

A mythic immersion that never disappoints.
Large banks of fish will accompany you during the tour.