Arrecife del Cabo de San Antonio – Scuba Xàbia (Jávea)

Escull Cap de Sant Antoni

Very close to St Anthony Cap, almost next to the coast, there is a small islet known as La Mona. It offers the possibility of anchoring next to it in an area in which there is 8 meters of depth. From here, starting from the anchor line and heading 60º, we go to the islet, whose submerged part present different steps until reaching the 20 meters, where we will find a more sandy bottom.

The route runs in a circle around the islet, which does not present any complication given its small size. You can see curious formations of rock and a great variety of life, formed mainly by white sea bream, sailfish, octopus or moray eel. We will also see spirographs, especially striking in the backlight. In the part where the islet faces the cape there is a narrowing that forces us to climb up to 5 meters to access a pool of calm waters in which you can still see the remains of a shipment.

The data

The dive is located in the limit of the Marine Reserve and full of life.
In the months of May to June the crossbow fish comes to mate here.