Sustainable, safe and responsible diving – Scuba Xàbia (Jávea)

Buceo sostenible, seguro y responsable


Scuba diving represents a style of sustainable tourism that starts from a clear and transferable premise in all areas: the best way to enjoy a resource is not to consume it, but to preserve it, and to nurture it. Preserving the natural spaces is important in terms of social and economical factors as well, it seems to us that the best way we can help and preserve the natural beauty is by taking care not to cause a disturbance by us being there.  That’s why in Xàbia we like diving to be the symbol of new tourism, if we enjoy what we do then it fills us with pride being able to show that to new/old divers and we will maintain the industry in our area and grow without putting at risk what makes us unique.

Safe Diving

At this point you may be asking yourself: is diving a safe activity? The answer is yes! Definitely. Keep in mind that we will only take you to dive if the conditions are totally safe – which is almost always – You will have a professional at your side, who will guide you and prepare you before the dive, who knows the area well and who once in the water will ensure that you have fun without risk.

Responsible Diving

In any case, the main danger under the water is people, so let us remind you some basic indications so that your passage through the sea floor leaves no traces other than those of your memory:

• We avoid anchor mooring so as not to damage underwater life. We use the buoys placed for that purpose.
• We make sure that the entry point to the sea is away from areas of posidonia and fragile bottoms.
• Control your buoyancy and avoid raising sediment when swimming. Take special care with the tips of your fins as you could damage the bottom or some of its inhabitants.
• Animals are in their habitat: avoid touching, feeding or interacting with them. If you have to annoy them to make a photo or video, that image is not worth it.
• The more “invisible” you are to animals, the better you can observe them and learn their fascinating behaviors.
• Think before entering a cave or hollow; Your bubbles can harm living organisms on ceilings and walls.
• Know the rules of diving, respect them and enforce them. Do not hesitate to notify the authorities if you observe any malpractice: only this way we will guarantee the patrimony of all.
• Dive with professional centres that are committed to nature and legality.
• Do not throw anything into the sea.
• Do not stop training.
• Collaborate in actions for the dissemination and conservation of the marine environment.

Helpful tips

So that our immersion does not present problems:

• Remember that diving is not allowed without company.
• Do not dive if you are tired or nervous.
• Avoid copious meals or alcohol before diving.
• Avoid excess sun, especially in summer and drink lots of water to hydrate!.
• Avoid cloudy or too cold waters, especially if you do not have the right equipment.