Diving Guide – Scuba Xàbia (Jávea)

Guía de Buceo

Diving allows you to discover a new world, to make friends, to enjoy the freedom to fly through the great blue, to live adventures and sensations that you had never experienced before, to explore the unknown…

In addition, it is an easy, safe and fun practice since the first dive; It’s perfect for the entire family, since you can practice it from the age of 10, to the oldest, with no age limit. Few hobbies are adapted to the level of each participant and allow group enjoyment in this way.

If you are thinking of diving in Jávea, congratulations: you have chosen the perfect place, both for the beauty and richness of the seabed, as for its variety and the ease of most of them. In all the beaches and coves of the coast of Jávea you can do some diving: snorkeling, scuba diving, night, technical, etc.

In Jávea, on the other hand, you will find about 300 days of sunshine a year and unmatched sea conditions: the water temperature ranges from a minimum of 13º to a maximum of 26º, and the visibility conditions it offers are perfect to enjoy the Submarine show.

Buceo sostenible, seguro y responsable

Sustainable, safe and responsible diving

Sustainability Scuba diving represents a style of sustainable tourism that starts from a clear and transferable premise in all areas: the best way to enjoy a resource is not to consume it, but to preserve it, and to nurture it.
Fondos Marinos

Xàbia Marine Bottoms

The sea bottoms of Xàbia are a faithful reflection of the varied topography of its coast (cliffs, islands, rocks, beaches, coves). Together with the high quality and transparency of its waters, this Mediterranean enclave is an excellent place for diving.
Caballito de Mar


A brief inventory of the fauna and flora that populate our coast. Peyssonnelia squamaria Sphaerococcus coronopifolius Caulerpa racemosa Caulerpa prolifera Parazoanthus axinellae Cerianthus membranaceus Halocynthia papillosa Homarus gammarus Codium bursa Hippocampus guttulatus Scorpaena scrofa Parablennius gattorugine Dardanus calidus Chromis chromis
Rutas submarinas

Dive Sites

The coastal seabed of Jávea is one of the richest and most valuable enclaves in the Valencian Country: from the cliffs of Cap de Sant Antoni to the transparent waters of the Granadella, passing by the Calablanca, Cap Prim, Portitxol Bay,