Digital Underwater Photographer – Scuba Xàbia (Jávea)

Fotografía Digital Subacuática

You have already seen the incredible wildlife and underwater landscapes that the marine world has to offer. But how do you explain them to your friends and family back home? Taking underwater video or photographs is the perfect way to remember your amazing scuba diving experiences, and provides a visual record of your adventure.

As with any new piece of equipment, safely diving with a camera requires additional training. You must understand how to safely dive with your camera, how to approach and interact with your underwater subjects, and what the effects of light and visibility will have on your perfect shot.

The Photo and Video course teaches you the new skills needed to dive with an underwater camera, and provides the in-depth knowledge and experience required to properly use, maintain and store your new equipment. Our goal is to prepare you for your journey, and to ensure you capture your amazing experiences.