Advanced Open Water Diver – Scuba Xàbia (Jávea)

This course is designed for you to try different specialty courses before committing to complete a full course. It is the best way to experience what this advanced training is and how valuable it may be to your diving adventures.

You will have the opportunity to try five different specialties. You will complete a dive in open water for each specialty and, if you decide to do the full course of some of the specialties you tried, dive you do in this course will count as part as the speciality one.

This course is perfect to go through the techniques learned earlier and also to learn other new skills that allow you to be an autonomous diver increasing your skills and experience to dive under different conditions.

It is a practical course in which the student participates in the organisation of his dives, reviewing the use of tables and attending to certain special considerations for each of the 5 dives to be performed.

In our school we offer the following specialities:
Multilevel Diver.
Night dive*.
Deep dive (up to 30 mts.)**.
Search and recovery.
Underwater Navigation**.
Perfect buoyancy.
Digital Underwater Photography.

* Subject to availability and additional costs may apply.
** Mandatory specialities.



  • 12 years old
  • Medical certificate for diving (valid for two years). Download it.

The course includes:

  • Online Theory.
  • Training in open water from Boat (5 dives).
  • Full Mares Equipment.
  • Processing of International qualification.
  • “Advanced Adventurer”/ “Advanced Open Water Diver” Card.
  • Photos of the experience.

Course Fees: 330€